Editorial Street Photography - Mark Murrmann: Classical Street Photographer

Street Photography by Mark Murrmann

"I like to be a fly on the wall"; "I like to be invisible" says Mark Murrmann of the way he goes about his street photography. I cannot agree more. I have seen lately street photography done with flash, in-your-face and even I have seen street photographers talking to the subject, directing them, telling them where to look and how to pose! Now, I won’t be judgmental and go so far as to say that these latter development in the art of Street Photography is outside the realm of the Art—but, I can safely say that it is a delight to see others who hold the same classical philosophy on the Art of Street Photography where the photographer is nothing but a recorder of the moments that happen all around us but may be too quick to be noticed and the image freezes these unique moments in time for all to see the happenstance relationships that objects and subjects can form when they share the same time and space.

Mark Murmann is a Street Photographer—in my book.

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