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Interesting News - “Irresponsible” Miu Miu Ad Shot by Bruce Weber Banned in Britain

miu miuBanned Miu Miu fashion ad shot by Bruce Weber
miu miuMiu Miu fashion ad shot by Bruce Weber

The rational behind the decision to ban the ad evidently is that the ad looks like the kid is unhappy and seating on the rails, therefore she is contemplating suicide! For the life of me, I just cannot understand how these people figure things! It makes utterly no sense to me.

The Advertising Standards Authority ASA, a non-governmental group that deals with “complaints about advertising” in the U.K., banned a Miu Miu fashion ad shot by Bruce Weber because they found it to be “irresponsible and in breach of the Code in showing a child in a hazardous or dangerous situation.” The child in question is 14-year-old American actress Hailee Steinfeld, the breakout star of last year’s True Grit.

The ad shows Steinfeld donning 1940s-inspired Miu Miu clothing while sitting on abandoned railroad tracks. The ASA accepted parent company Prada’s explanation that the setting was meant to depict an actress on a movie set, relaxing between takes and rubbing her eye nonchalantly, rather than to suggest the young girl is upset and contemplating suicide.

The ASA also acknowledged that the ad was geared toward a mature audience since it was published in Tatler magazine, whose readership is for the most part adult. However, the ASA still found the ad to be troublesome since Steinfeld is shown in a “potentially hazardous situation” and noted the “ad must not appear again in its current form.”

More photos here: OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

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Editorial Portraits - Model Melvina A. by Nima Taradji Photography

MelvinaA-426Editorial Portrait of Model Melvina A. by Nima Taradji Photography

I took this editorial portrait in my dinning room after having moved the table and all the chairs. It was a very nice sunny day and the sun was shining through the windows. At first I wanted to use a beauty dish but after a few tests I decided that the portrait image would work best if I simply use a silver reflector to open up the face and the shadow areas. I also wanted to white out the background. Melvina is a local model and she was a pleasure to work with. The end result, turned out just the way I wanted it and, if I may say so, I was rather pleased with it.

Model: Melvina A.

MelvinaA-426 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!.

Novelty Items - Wood Version of the Sigma SD1

Wooden Version of the Sigma SD1

Ok, Sigma is going to make only ten (10) copies of this wooden Sigma SD1. I assume, presume and predict that they will cost an arm and a leg to buy and they will mostly be collector items. So, if you have a lot of money to burn, this is something to consider… I suppose. I, have better things to do with my money however!

Landscape Photography - Evanston Beach and Seagulls by Nima Taradji - Editorial Photography

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”640” caption=”Evanston Beach with Seagulls”]evanston beach with seagulls[/caption]

I took a stroll along the Evanston beach the other day and took some shots. The seagulls were having a board meeting that evening!

New Material - Canon 1D X

[caption id=”attachment_38685” align=”aligncenter” width=”480” caption=”The New Canon EOS 1Dx”][/caption]

Back when I was a kid I used to have a Canon Super8 movie camera. The movie camera shot between 18 and 24fps. This camera is about to be a hybrid between world of the movies and that of the stills. It amazes me to no end…

As the rumors foretold, Canon has announced a new DSLR today combining the 1D and 1Ds line of DSLRs into a single camera: the EOS-1D X. This beastly DSLR is an 18-megapixel jack of all trades. It’s full frame, but still shoots 14fps using 61 autofocus points and a 252-zone metering system. ISO can be boosted up to a whopping 204,000.

There’s a large 3.2-inch LCD screen on the back, and a futuristic optical viewfinder that offers things such as a dual-axis electronic level and an on-demand grid. For remote shooting and file transferring, there’s a handy built-in wired LAN connection. In terms of video, camera can also do 1080p recording at 24/25/30fps, along with 720p at 50/60fps. You’ll have to start saving up though — the 1D X will cost $6,800 when it’s released in March 2012.

via Canon Unveils the 1D X: One DSLR to Rule Them All.

Tips & Tricks - 10 Best Places for Pictures in Chicago

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”600” caption=”The Oak Street Beach During the Air & Water Show”]On the Streets of Chicago 5[/caption]

There are so many places to take photos of here in Chicago. Now the Summer is over and the weather is going to pits, time is limited to get out and take photos without having to wear 12 layers of clothing.

I have been in most places listed below except the EL Station at 95th Street. It is now on the agenda.

1. Montrose Point
2. Lower Wacker/Michigan/Columbus network of streets
3. Wabash in the Loop
4. Millennium Park
5. Hancock Observatory
6. 95th St CTA stop/Dan Ryan and/or 18th Street in Pilsen
7. Outside Wrigley Field on Game Days
8. Planetarium - Looking Back at the City
9. Lincoln Park Zoo/Lagoon
10. Along the Chicago River Downtown


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Editorial Fashion Photography - A Day in the Life of Fashion Photographer Peter Stigter

This is great-Most of the time people think that fashion photography is nothing by glamor, excitement and fun. Here is the fashion photographer schlepping his gear from one show to another over and over again-granted, he gets to have one of the best spots in the house during the shows, but still, he is working and there is never anything fun about working.

Peter’s Bubble from Team Peter Stigter on Vimeo.

A Day in the Life of Fashion Photographer Peter Stigter.

Editorial Photography - Nude Portraits - Model Courtney B. by Nima Taradji Photography

Courtney B.

I wanted to replicate the sort of pulp fiction like photos seen on the mid-twenty century thriller novels. The sort that shows the damsel in distress with the looming danger over her—the sort that makes you want to know what the story is and whether or not the damsel gets to live or does she become another victim in the big bad city.

The shot was done in my attic with Courtney B. who is a great model with very expressive face. She knew exactly what I was talking about when we discussed the shot and was able to play the part perfectly.