Interesting Facts - Migratory Models

Migratory Models - Slide Show - NYTimes.comEvery day, beautiful young people from all over the world descend on London in the hope of becoming fashion models. But what inspired the photographer Gareth McConnell to document this phenomenon was not the promise of glamour but the daily life of working immigrants. He sought to depict the models away from the fashion shoots and the catwalks; all were photographed without stylists or makeup artists and using only available light. McConnell set up the shots where they lived, which tended to be in London’s poorer neighborhoods: Brixton, Hackney or Peckham rather than Chelsea or Notting Hill. McConnell considers the model the “foot soldier of the fashion industry,” although he allows that there are perks to the job. “At least if you are a model,” he says, “you might get to go to a few parties, drink a few free cocktails and sleep with a pop star.”Jennifer O’Mahony

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Editorial Nudes - Brian T. Photographed by Nima Taradji

nude editorial image of brian t.Model/Photographer Brian T. by Nima Taradji

Fine Art Nude
I photographed Model/Photographer Brian T. in a fireplace in a house located in Westwood, California. He squeezed himself into the fireplace and began taking on various poses. I was shooting a 2 1/4 (6x6) film in a Hasselblad. I used Tri-x Kodak film which was then developed at Nardulli’s lab in Los Angeles. Nardulli went out of business some years ago and was taken over by Paris Photo—another major lab in Los Angeles.

I like the graphic nature of this image.

Editorial Street Photography - Mark Murrmann: Classical Street Photographer

Street Photography by Mark Murrmann

"I like to be a fly on the wall"; "I like to be invisible" says Mark Murrmann of the way he goes about his street photography. I cannot agree more. I have seen lately street photography done with flash, in-your-face and even I have seen street photographers talking to the subject, directing them, telling them where to look and how to pose! Now, I won’t be judgmental and go so far as to say that these latter development in the art of Street Photography is outside the realm of the Art—but, I can safely say that it is a delight to see others who hold the same classical philosophy on the Art of Street Photography where the photographer is nothing but a recorder of the moments that happen all around us but may be too quick to be noticed and the image freezes these unique moments in time for all to see the happenstance relationships that objects and subjects can form when they share the same time and space.

Mark Murmann is a Street Photographer—in my book.

More of Mark Murmann’s photography on Flickr

Mark Murrmann Jim Beam documentary - YouTube.

Featured - Paris in March: Nima Taradji Photography Featured on

paris in march nima taradji photographyParis in March 2011 by ©Nima Taradji Photography

I am happy to announce that some of my Paris in March images from 2011 were featured on I love to see that others enjoy my photography—this is the highest compliment ever!

Paris in March: Nima Taradji « eighteen39.

Requiem: Rémi and Marie - Killing The Messengers Will Not Kill The Message

Rémi Ochlik, a French freelance photojournalistFrench freelance photojournalist Rémi Ochlik

Marie Colvin, of the London Sunday Times, and Rémi Ochlik, a French freelance photojournalist, died alongside one another under government shelling in the besieged city of Homs Wednesday morning. Several other colleagues, British and French, were wounded; the condition of a couple of them is still unclear.

via News Desk: Requiem: Rémi and Marie : The New Yorker.

Editorial Street Photography - Alex Webb Explores Chicago Loop

Leica & Magnum: Photographs from the Streets of Chicago by Alex Webb

This photo essay, part of our collaboration with Magnum Photos, documents Alex Webb’s exploration of Chicago and the Loop. Inspired in part by one of his early influences, Ray Metzker’s “My Camera and I in the Loop,” he explores the streets of the US’s “Second City.” Though unlike the street photographers of the so-called Chicago School (Callahan, Metzger, Sturr, Sterling), Alex Webb has chosen to photograph the city’s multitudinous character in color. Having spent most of his 30 year long career shooting outside of the US, Alex Webb turns his lens to his home nation during this very important election year. We had the chance to pose some questions about his images and the city that inspired them.

Leica & Magnum: Photographs from the Streets of Chicago by Alex Webb from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

Editorial Fashion Photography - New York: Model Takes a Tumble on Dennis Basso Catwalk

falling model Dennis Basso Catwalk

The Fashion World can be so harsh—I suppose like any other high intensity business—and falling on a catwalk can be a carrier ending event. After all, the fall signals to the entire world that the design is not right and you too, the potential buyer, can find yourself spread all over the floor if you were to wear this dress. And no designer wants this sort of labels attached to his or her creations.

So the story below then is interesting to follow and see what will happen to this model who fell but:

Nevertheless she gathered herself up again and continued walking with barely a trace of embarrassment, or sense of humour for that matter, visible on her face.

Known for his furs and ready-to-wear lines, Dennis Basso showed his Fall 2012 collection yesterday which featured the bright orange skirt and sparkling top that caused the fall.

Speaking prior to the accident, a source once admitted that falling on the catwalk can be career-threatening.

'It's quite common for girls to be quietly dropped by their agents after tripping or falling during a show,' they told MailOnline.

'As far as the designers are concerned the model's job is to make the clothes look fantastic. That's compromised when she starts stumbling down the catwalk like a drunk.

via New York Fashion Week: Model takes a tumble on Dennis Basso catwalk | Mail Online.

Editorial Portraits - Dennis Manarchy’s Massive Portraits

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”600” caption=”Dennis Manarchy Giant Portraits”]Dennis Manarchy portraits[/caption]

I was surfing the net and came across Dennis Manarchy’s giant portraits using giant cameras! Check out the link below and the cameras he uses. This is simply fascinating!

Dennis Manarchy’s Massive Portraits - Slate Magazine.

Editorial Portraits - Getty Images Invite

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”594” caption=”Butterfly - Editorial Portrait by Nima Taradji Photography”]Editorial portraits by Nima Taradji Photography[/caption]

A dead leaf made this photograph happen. I had it laying around for a while. I kept it because I liked the texture, the shape and just the feel of it. We were doing some un-related portraits and once we were done, I just asked the model to hold the leaf in front of her face and took this image that I had in mind for quite a while. I liked how it turned out. Evidently, Getty Images also liked it and sent me an invite to make this part of their collection.

Not bad for a days work.

All sizes | Butterfly740 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Velentine's Day

When you’re in love,
it’s like springtime,
when you’re in love
the birds sing…
when you’re in love
it is ring time
in your mind
love is everything.
When you’re in love
it is waltztime,
dancing on air in the blue,
and it’s a wonderful day
when you are going away
on a honeymoon cruise
just for two.

by: Joyce Hemsley

Photography Exhibition - “EMERGENCE” A Group Exhibit of Photography by Members of the Chicago Photo Union

Emergence chicago photo union

Chicago Photo Union in cooperation with Catawampus Gallery in Flat Iron Arts building presents EMERGENCE. The First group exhibit of the members of the Chicago Photo Union opens on February 3rd, 2012 at Catawampus Gallery located at 1579 N Milwaukee Ave Unit 340 (3rd floor, red door), Chicago, IL

Participating Artists (alphabetic order):

Emergence is the first of many exhibitions by the Chicago Photo Union, a collective of local artists who work together to bring our photography to a wider audience. The work presented is as diverse the members, ranging from portrait to street, architectural to humanitarian. Chicago Photo Union is always on the lookout for fresh talent to join its ranks.

The opening reception will be on Fri Feb 3rd from 6PM to 9PM and  will run from February 3rd through February 5th, 2012.

Tips & Tricks - When To Work For Free And When Not

"The problem with most photographers is they make terrible business people, to begin with, so they became photographers. ”Oh, I’ll be the artist.” But this is a business, and you have to run the scenarios. You have to say, “Okay. Let me run the scenarios. Let me see. What am I getting out of this if I do it?” Don’t always say yes. Someone says, “I have this shoot of so-and-so. It’s going to be this. I have 300 bucks, which will only pay your assistant.” Run the numbers and figure it out, and see if having pictures of that person is worth anything to you. Then there might be a business reason to do it."

Photography Is Not A Crime - Don’t Be Taking Any Phowtows!

There are so many instances where a uniformed “officers” gets confused about the rights of the public to record the world around them. Here, we have a private security ordering a private person, standing on public space, to stop photographing a building readily visible form that public space! I am so not surprised to see this happen, specially in the UK. Last time I was in London, I was amazed at the number of CCTV’s monitoring the public everywhere! I mean everywhere! Here in Chicago we encounter this sort of behavior all the time!

Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.” Benjamin Franklin

Editorial Portraits & Headshots - An Invite From The Getty!

Getty Images Invite Editorial PortraitsInvite from the Getty Images

My very own personal invite from the Getty Images to submit five of my photographs to them! On the one hand, I am impressed and on the other hands… I am impressed! Aren’t you impressed? I am so impressed! This is one of those situations where “No” cannot be found in my vocabulary.